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System Prompt (human-written):Recycling is perfect for the entire world


Model Completion (machine-written, 25 tries)

Recycling just isn’t best for the whole world. It really is harmful to the surroundings, it’s detrimental to our overall health, which is detrimental to our economy. I am maybe perhaps not joking. Recycling just isn’t beneficial to the surroundings. It really is destructive to your earth which is an important factor to worldwide warming. Recycling is certainly not best for our health and wellness. It plays a part in obesity and diseases like heart cancer and disease. Recycling is harmful to our economy. The cost is increased by it of an item, and as a result, the price tag on precisely what is created using that item. Recycling is certainly not beneficial to our country. We spend a huge cost when it comes to privilege of experiencing the entire world’s most advanced level and efficient recycling system. Weiterlesen