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7 Bizarre Theories On Which Causes Lesbianism

Lesbian intercourse is people that are confounding the dawn of cucumbers.

Throughout history, numerous theories have already been placed forth as to the reasons a woman might like an other woman this way which range from moderate (possibly your mom ate celery that is too much to interested (planetary positioning) to downright insane (an improvement through the womb causing a pseudo-penis). Continue reading to understand the essential theories that are bizarre to why a female may want to have sexual intercourse with an other woman, and just exactly exactly what cures had been suggested.

1. Labial Itching

A second-century Greek physician, who wanted to understand why his daughter was a lesbian in Medieval hot ukrainian brides Arab Lesbians and Lesbian-Like Women, from the Journal of the History of Sexuality, Sahar Amer mentions Galen. So he examined their daughters nether bits, as if you do, and determined that her sex ended up being because of an itch between your major and small labia. Weiterlesen