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Ashley Madison: On The Web Married Women Seek Immediate Offline Boinking

Information flash: increasingly more women can be jumping outside their marriages looking for no-strings-attached intercourse. All it will take to get a partner that is willing? a net connection and a free account on a niche site like We delivered journalist and monogamist Teddy Wayne to satisfy the growing flock of woman Don Drapers *And maybe maybe perhaps not by their husbands

My eyes are blurry from too numerous hours that are post-midnight front side of my laptop, trolling through ratings of Internet-dating pages of females. I’m carpet bombing these with the exact same boilerplate message, suggesting, with unsurpassed imagination and seductiveness, that people meet up for a drink.

Only one catch: many of them are hitched.

Actually, a catch that is second i’ve a gf.

I’m on, the behemoth of extramarital-dating web web web sites, whoever controversial motto is “Life is brief. Have an event.®” You’ve probably heard about it. However you probably don’t know anybody on it—or at least anybody whom admits to being upon it. Weiterlesen