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Reporting to Police: Options & strategies for Being ready

With unique share from Brandy, a Hotline advocate

You care about is being abused, you may feel that contacting the police is one important step in your safety plan if you or someone. We’ve seen that authorities intervention could be life-saving and may help survivors get attached to other resources. But we additionally know you will find really genuine obstacles for some survivors in calling the authorities. Within our 2015 police study, survivors told us these were afraid calling the authorities might end in losing privacy, being stereotyped, having an abusive partner retaliate or adversely impacting kids.

It is believed by us’s necessary for all survivors to feel since ready as you are able to when they elect to contact the authorities. The information and knowledge below is intended to be a primer that is general speaking with police and making a written report, but remember that people’s experiences can vary along with your individual security could be the concern. Weiterlesen