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The problem is solely with the male partner although some people still think of fertility as a “woman’s problem,” in 20% of infertile couples

sterility in a guy will be the only reason why a couple can not conceive, or it might probably merely increase the problems due to sterility in their partner.

Therefore it is important that guys have tested for fertility along with ladies. It is also essential that guys do so early. While some dudes might want to delay being tested — perhaps to prevent embarrassment — very early screening can spare their partners significant amounts of unneeded disquiet and cost. Additionally it is a good method to quickly slim down potential problems.

Getting Tested for Sterility

The thing that is first do for fertility problems is always to go right to the physician, typically a urologist. After having an exam that is physical your physician will likely purchase a semen analysis, that may check out the quality and number of the semen within the semen. And yes, your medical professional will need you to definitely provide the test there, or at someplace that is least nearby, given that it’s crucial that the analysis happens quickly. Just remember, as sheepish you months of worry and stress as you might feel, a semen analysis is a common test, and the results could save.

In the event that very first semen analysis is normal, your physician may purchase a test that is second verify the outcome. Weiterlesen