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All ABout Famous KGB Spies: Where Will They Be Now?

The strange-but-true life tales of seven Soviet spooks.

from the time the 1950s, if the globe got wind of this three letters that endured for the Soviet Union’s intelligence agency, KGB spies — with regards to (genuine or imagined) bug-planting lifestyles and sexy accomplices — have provided material that is endless thrilling novels, films, and comic publications. The fascination continues nonetheless: last year, the U.S. tv system FX announced the pilot of a series that is new KGB spies located in Washington, D.C., when you look at the 1980s.

Into the issue that is latest of Foreign Policy, retired CIA officer Milton Bearden remembers their Soviet counterpart Leonid Shebarshin, whom passed away within an apparent committing suicide in March 2012. Weiterlesen