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Pregnancy Prevention Urban Myths: Busted

We’ve caught wind of some pretty rumors that are wild around about how precisely to avoid pregnancy with unverified, DIY birth prevention practices. Within the hopes of squelching this misconception perpetuation, we should remind you that many of them don’t work. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it once again: if you’re sex, making use of a highly effective, clinically approved method of contraceptive could be the way that is best to avoid maternity. Period. Not forgetting none for the after “mythical methods” will protect you against STDs, that is yet another reason to make use of a condom and reliable birth prevention every solitary time.

At, we thought it time that is high expose several of the most typical misconceptions. We wish you all to be safe and understand the truth about birth prevention, maternity and STDs, so continue reading for many serious misconception busting utilizing one thing extremely effective: technology.

Masturbating before intercourse.

“If I masturbate before intercourse, there won’t be any semen kept to obtain her pregnant.” Sorry, dudes. We’re bu Weiterlesen