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Grounds you may be hemorrhaging after gender

Maternity, STIs, or simply just a little bit of rough-and-ready – there is a variety of explanations you may be hemorrhaging after gender.

It can be a scary feeling if you’ve ever gone to the toilet post-sex and looked down to notice spots of blood. Your brain quickly races towards the worst scenario that is possible and mad Googling probably does not assist. But even though the odds are lean that your particular post-coital bleeding try actually indicating famous brands disease, Dr Pixie McKenna, GP in the London hospital, suggests it checked out that you always, always get.

“It’s a uncomfortable sign and that’s the one thing, individuals will usually postponed visiting the physician,” claims Dr Pixie. “But we’re not bothered, therefore you shouldn’t getting possibly. We’re perhaps perhaps not truth be told there to face in wisdom.”

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