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Find your student loan—undergraduate, graduate pupil, or moms and dad

Adjustable prices: 2.75% APR – 10.65% APR rates that are fixed 4.74% APR – 11.85% APR cheapest rates shown range from the car debit discount

For associate’s and bachelor’s degrees, or even a certification at a degree-granting college

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Adjustable prices: 5.74% APR – 13.11% APR cheapest rates shown range from the automobile debit discount

For expert training or certification courses (culinary, aviation, technical, etc. ) at a school that is non-degree-granting

Prices differ by loan

For medical, dental, wellness occupations, MBA, Law, and master’s/doctorate degree expenses

Fixed prices: 5.49% APR – 12.87% APR rates that are variable 5.00% APR – 11.62% APR Lowest rates shown are the car debit discount

For your student’s bachelor’s, associate’s, or degree that is graduate or certification at a degree-granting college

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Why choose figuratively speaking from Sallie Mae?

You meet your financial and educational needs whether you’re looking for a loan to help pay for your undergraduate or specialized graduate degree, or a parent helping your student pay for school, our loans for students are designed to help.

Our customers reap the benefits of

  • Using just once getting the amount of money required for the whole college 12 months
  • Loans for students that feature 100% protection for many school-certified expenses like tuition, costs, publications, housing, dishes, travel, as well as a laptop computer
  • No origination cost
  • Competitive interest levels
  • Several payment options on loans for students
  • 0.25 portion point interest discount when signed up for and making payments that are monthly automobile debit
  • Free usage of FICO ® Scores, updated quarterly online
  • 100% U.S. -based customer care groups

Attending college not even half time? You can easily nevertheless get yourself a learning student loan.

Whether you’re a complete time, half-time, or lower than half-time pupil, you are able to borrow to fund all of your school-certified costs at degree-granting institution. Weiterlesen