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Immigration to UK from Russia and UK Citizen engaged and getting married in Russia

I’ve a date scheduled to marry my Russian Bride in Russia on 14 October 2017 – as much of you’ve got been already through this method it will be valued if i really could choose your minds on two things:

Also while i’m here a couple of remarks on odds and ends i have keep reading here that could come to be ideal for other people looking over this.

1) past posters have stated there is a guideline as I have already received three Tourist Visas for Russia in 2017, I received three in 2016, two in 2015 and one in 2014 that you cannot get more than two Tourist Visas for Russia in a year – this cannot be a rule.

2) we have additionally read remarks before you can get married that you must be in Russia for 31 days. We cannot observe that this is real as being a tourist visa is at the most thirty days and you will get hitched on a tourist visa. Plus my Fiancee has expected at her Zags on two occasions now and they’ve got stated there is absolutely no such guideline and you could the theory is that get hitched on a single time while you arrive.

Okay now for my questions that i’m experiencing:

1) i’ve continue reading numerous sites you’ll want to register your visa in Russia in the event that you stay for extended than seven days or if you will get hitched. Once more my Fiancee has expected the Zags and they’ve got stated they don’t need the Visa to be registered but i will be nevertheless unsure purely due to the info that is vast the world-wide-web pointing to it having to be registered – any commentary could be valued.

2) After doing lots of reading it seems that there isn’t any requirement that is legal register the wedding in the UK. This will be fine but clearly we have to show that the marriage has had destination to be able to submit an application for my Fiancee’s partner Visa (or whatever it is called by them). Weiterlesen