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Latin America while the Caribbean Gender Innovation Lab

To offer policymakers honduran dating and development professionals with knowledge to promote gender equality effectively and drive improvement in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region.


1. Generate research to create proof about exactly what works to reduce sex gaps

2. Disseminate findings to enhance operations and policy

Thematic Focus Areas

The LACGIL works to create proof on the best way to shut sex gaps in four thematic areas:

1. Eliminate obstacles to capital that is human and also towards the effective engagement of NEETs

Youth who’re neither in college, nor used, nor in training (NEET), stay a sizeable and vulnerable team in LAC. With scarce choices of a quality training and prospects that are meager gainful work, teenagers and ladies through the entire area are confronted with poverty, to not enough aspirations, and frequently to violent surroundings and criminality. Furthermore, women are almost four times because likely as teenagers become NEETs in Mexico and Central America. Nevertheless, you will find only several effect assessment link between policies created to increase the recognized advantages of going to college and/or lessen the price of attending.

The LACGIL aims to guide the generation of proof on effective interventions to relieve school-to-work transitions and tackle certain structural and barriers that are psychosocial women and men face to purchase peoples money and make use of it productively to boost their welfare.

2. Eliminate obstacles to productivity and participation of women in premium work and entrepreneurship

The LACGIL supports initiatives that help to better know how to lessen trade-offs between women’s home and market functions. Developing and leveraging the expert abilities of females is essential for financial performance in a spot where nearly every 2nd girl is from the work market. In this sense, the majority of the populace from the labor market is made of females between your many years of 24 and 45. Weiterlesen