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I’ve a Torah Waitlist. During my 10 years working together with Jewish college students, We never ever thought I would personally state this.

We have a Torah waitlist. I have already been told at panels some time once again that young people have an interest in Jewish experiences with low barriers to entry. We have browse the studies that let me know young adults look to Jewish offerings with universal aspirations, like social justice. And, We have seen reports that tell me Jewish spaces with too much of a flavor that is particularistic down young Jews.

They seem to be missing a critical truth about young people on campus today: they crave content and community while I take these reports, studies, and panels seriously. They truly are to locate Torah.

I am aware this because We run the Jewish training Fellowship (JLF) for Hillel’s Meyerhoff Center for Jewish Enjoy, which this current year has 3,300 pupils enrolled on 139 campuses in a 10-week cohort based, pluralistic Torah research seminar. This will be a 300 % increase from a 12 months ago. Pupils in JLF invest a night every week studying Torah in an agreeable, conversational environment then take part in Shabbat experiences making use of their cohort. Weiterlesen