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Just how to Hook Up With Another Woman, From Somebody Who’s Complete It, Like, 2.5 Instances

There comes a spot in just about every woman’s that are young when she’s like “Hmm. Vaginas. How can you experience them? Than i thought because it seems like I feel better about them. I believe I’m going to pretend to become a supportive friend tonight, hit within the homosexual pubs with my GBF, get actually drunk, flirt with a woman whom functions such as for instance a boy, and — simply spitballing here — possibly allow a lesbian get down like I experienced no concept it absolutely was planning to take place the second morning. on me personally, and act”

I understand exactly exactly exactly what you’re thinking: actually? Does EVERY young woman have that way of thinking? Because — and I’m maybe not attempting to make any implications — but this seems like a really scenario that is“you-specific.

To start with wow that is— I’m sensing some judgment. But to resolve your question, yes. All women. I’m sure this, because i’m connected in. I’ve been dealing with nipples as an accessory for, like, 36 months now, and just exactly exactly what have you figured out, Kendall and Kylie got their nipples pierced so now we’re all out here going braless. Weiterlesen