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Friends say they warned Travis Alexander that Jodi Arias ended up being dangerous for months before she killed him

Travis Alexander battles along with his Mormon faith

Alexander maintained a blog called “Travis Alexander’s Being Better we we Blog. ” In a post, he published candidly about their very very early life.

As an example, he had written about a hard youth while growing up in Southern Ca together with moms and dads, have been dependent on medications during those times.

“It had been a really tough life residing with your mom, ” Steven Alexander stated. “We kinda fended for ourselves. Instant noodles had been the primary way to obtain nourishment. “

In their weblog, Alexander published: “When you sleep, for four days by having a homely home saturated in young ones, there is not any meals prepared. We might consume that which was here but in a short time the thing that was edible will be consumed or rot after which the thing that was rotten could thick curvy booty be consumed too. “