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Why we thought we would avoid dating males from main London

Can gays venture beyond area 2?

Most men that are gay to call home in zones 1 and 2, near to the action, the shopping, the nightlife or their jobs (gays don’t do commuting). Whenever I match with a man on Tindr and my location that is suburban comes, their response is frequently ‘where? WHY could you live available to you? ‘ Even though we’re into the city that is same. 3 years ago, the decision was made by me to go out of Central London and move off to (surprise horror) area 5. Home costs are cheaper, the air’s cleaner and I also see woods and greenery all over me personally. I did son’t realise that 99% of my friends that are gay self imposed ‘zone 1 and 2 travel restrictions’ – the majority of them never keep their bubbles of home/ work/ gym. Weiterlesen