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My gf had sex along with her closest friend (girl) before we came across her?

Her, my girlfriend had sex with her best friend, who is also a girl before I knew. I do not worry about her being a lady, that is next to the issue. She does not see her usually since her friend lives that are best in anther city, nevertheless when she does they spend time alone.

She’s stated she slept with that she doesn’t want to lose her best friend, and has had problems in her past boyfriends not liking her spending time with some one. I stated it mightn’t bother me personally much, however for some good reason it bothers me now.

I have been in similar situations before in a past, plus it never ever bothered me personally because the other woman hardly ever arrived around. Understanding that, I nevertheless feel uncomfortable

She’s got additionally stated that I am invited to hangout using them together, but personally i think strange about this too. She states that she actually is me alone, but I wouldn’t even think to remain close friends with someone I’ve had sex with, much less ask my s/o to hang out with them with me and. Weiterlesen