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How do I verify that We have a bad credit rating?

A right is had by you to see just what is with in your credit history. If you wish to borrow cash with bad credit, you’ll be able to learn precisely what has influenced your credit rating.

Most likely, if you will find any mistakes, you’ll be able to ask to allow them to be corrected, which could enhance your rating.

You can find three key credit reporting agencies within the UK, although a couple of different brands use their information to present people who have their credit ratings.

These agencies are:

  • Experian
  • TransUnion
  • Equifax

You can access your credit rating at no cost through some of the agencies, however, if you intend to see your file that is full agencies may request re payment.

But, some credit solutions provide usage of the total apply for free, such as for instance ClearScore or Noddle (now called Credit Karma) so it’s well worth exploring to locate a free option.

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