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Academic writing essay format/Case study analysis

An incident research analysis calls for one to investigate a company problem, examine the alternate solutions, and propose the best solution making use of evidence that is supporting. To see an annotated sample of the Case research Analysis, follow this link.

Organizing the Case

You prepare and understand the case study before you begin writing, follow these guidelines to help:

  1. Browse and examine the situation completely
    • Make notes, highlight relevant facts, underline key issues.
  2. Focus your analysis
    • Identify two to five key problems
    • Why do they occur?
    • Just how do they affect the business?
    • That is accountable for them?
  3. Uncover feasible solutions
    • Review program readings, discussions, outside research, your experience.
  4. Choose the solution that is best
    • Consider strong supporting evidence, benefits, and cons: is this solution realistic?

Drafting the truth

After you have collected the vital information, a draft of the analysis will include these parts:

  1. Introduction

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