DOMINATRIX – I Know You Like To Be Punished

DOMINATRIX – I Know You Like To Be Punished

There are people in this life who love to create their own chains of bondage. They need a vicious dominatrix. They use it as an escape from responsibility, a reason to curl up in a ball and hide from the outside environment. But of course there are also those who will willingly accept the attraction of intrigue, a container of darkness, often to find out that it is the best gift they may have ever received. Let me hand you that box and take you into my own personal abyss. Welcome to the world of BDSM consisting of bondage, domination, and sadomasochism with this dominatrix. Here you will learn that ‘ submission’ is your middle name and if you happen to be wise, you will learn that domination is my game. Don’ t be fooled simply by my rather pleasant fashion or my somewhat simple appearance. Cross me also once and my wrath will cut you like a knife. You will hear the devil himself crawl from my lips. Your only desire shall be to please your dominatrix and from this moment on you will address me personally as your divine goddess. I will get into every crevice of the dirty little mind of yours. There will be no compassion. You will learn to understand the true power of a real femdom. You will be humbled in front of me, your dominatrix, and learn that my humiliation has no boundaries, as you will see out! My domination rules! Nothing gives me more delight than to have you, a snivelling worm cock undressed at my feet, collared and ready to serve. You will show me the abominable streak of mouse droppings that you really are. It will have no escape. I will enter the depths of your soul whatever your fetish or desire. There is nothing as a dominatrix I haven’ t done or perhaps seen. When I stand above you adorned in my small black latex and my personal stilettos, you will feel my power radiate from my personal very being. You will appreciate then and only then, that we have trampled on greater beings that have crawled out of beneath a stone with my garden. Your eyes will be transfixed to the floor just daring to look up if and when I say so. You will only confer with your dominatrix when invited to do this. If I see so much like a shudder from that excuse for any penis that hangs ,in shame, from your groin, I will crush your mind, body and heart. Consider yourself privileged which i allow you to breathe the same atmosphere that I do. You will learn to learn your place and make no mistake! It is always beneath the fat of my dominating femdom ego.

dominatrix holding a crop and wearing black PVC

A dominatrix usually knows what you need and I have always been no exception to that. When you arrive to me for dominatrix phone sex I can fulfil every fantasy known to man. My dominatrix chat will take you to places that you didn’ t understand even existed. I know how you long for my 9 half inch strap-on lady cock to penetrate that man genitals of yours, your head taken back in ecstasy by your collar as I thrust it into that tight little take pleasure in tube within those extended buttocks. I will milk that prostate and I will make you mine. I will reduce you to a quaking wreck, begging me for more. You will feel the weight of my chest impaled on your back ?nternet site hold you down on your bed with my long crimson talon fingernails embedded into your flesh. You will know what it is prefer to be under control of your cruel dominatrix. I will take you and do with you as I decide. So be very clear with what you desire. Be careful with what you wish for because there will be not any going back when I start. Let me stretch your boundaries much like I will stretch that boi cunt of yours, make no mistake! Of course , your preference may be for the real thing. Numerous of you come to me with your fantasies to pull on real cock, overwhelmed by the desire to be a whore bitch to this dominatrix that renders you helpless and submission. Sweet and unaggressive, dressed to thrill. How you long to look at yourself inside the mirror parading in your smooth panties and stockings get back never ending fantasy to be spit nahe zeny roasted between my two fabulous dungeon doms. My two high and muscular tenderloins ?nternet site so affectionately refer to these people. One standing in front of you holding his significant, sweet, juicy cock in his hand, dripping and looking forward to you to slowly deep throat under my instruction, the other one mounting you, erect and ready to fuck that tight and wanton minor star fish of yours. As your dominatrix I love to see those rippling bodies overpowering a sissy slut babe like you in helpless raptures between them. How this dominatrix loves to watch them spray you with their hot sticky love honey. How your dominatrix loves to watch you cleanup every last drop of cum with your tongue when they have finished with you. They are really insatiable for a sissy boi cunt like yours, and also you in turn will become insatiable on their behalf. Vanilla sex will pale into insignificance; even my own enviable strapon will take one step back into second place. Your craving for this dominatrix will be like a bottomless pit! No matter how much you get, you can always want more.


So what is it that presents to consumers my way I ask yourself? Is it the thought of me being a dominatrix with those ” leg ” high PVC boots with sharp metal heels? They can be so perfect for pinning all those testicles to the floor while i is seeking perfection by my slave boys. They might be so persuasive! Is it the concept of nestling your face on all those pretty lacy stocking covers of mine? Maybe even daring to kiss them lightly with your quivering mouth? Running your hands over my prolonged silky legs maybe? Or perhaps is it the thought of that restricted shaven pussy beneath that little black thong that reduces you to an idiotic squealing piggy boy? One particular, if I say ‘ jump’ you will say ‘ yes mistress, how high?! ’ You think about it, don’ big t you? You need a dominatrix to share with you what to do. Those soft puffy pussy lips, the erect rosebud of a clitoris and those glistening layers of rose pink fuck beef that lay within. How you will yearn for it! How you long to touch it. How you long to caress that with that pathetic slug like tongue of yours. Flavor that sweet pussy pocima exuding from the depths of my very core. How you long to drink from the adored chalice of nectar. Do you honestly think I would enable a quaking hamster prick like yourself to take pleasure by a dominatrix like me? How could you! Your only solace would be the waft of my womanhood. I told you domination is usually my game, and this can be your first lesson. I need your ultimate submission first of all and my domination could make that happen. You will sip my sparkling champagne together with your mouth wide open and eye wide shut! There are not any surfboards in my water sports! Let me squirt my golden rainwater, hot and sweet, right into that face of your own. You will take every last dribble that I choose to give upon you. It will rundown your body like a scolding water and you will be forever grateful which a dominatrix of such high esteem would allow you to your fields of ambrosia directly from her own hot damp cunt. As your dominatrix you’ll end up my most unprecedented obedient, compliant, acquiescent, subservient, docile, meek, dutiful, tractable of all time, forever in my clutches. You will be my financial slave who will serve my every single need. I will rinse you from here to kingdom come. You will not be able to resist. My domination is second to non-e as you may will find out. It will wake you in the early several hours and it will disturb you throughout the working day. There will never certainly be a moment when it leaves your opinions. You will long to be taken at your fingertips. Long to have all that responsibility taken from your shoulders in all those precious moments when we connect together. To give yourself to myself, your dominatrix and only me personally for phonesex and sex cam chat. Do not make the mistake of being a smart ass servant with me. That will not be tolerated by this strict dominatrix. Play me up even when and I will have you cleaning just about every public toilet from here to Paris and make you stand naked at the top of the Eiffel Tower doing the penis heli dance for all to see! My personal imagination knows no range and there will be no compassion. You think you know about S& M? You have no idea! You think this can be all about ‘ spank and wank’? Ball busting and nipple twisting? You have very much to learn! As a dominatrix My spouse and i get to the parts that other women cannot reach or could not even consider. BDSM comes from my extremely heart. I am hazardous. I enjoy it. Humiliation is really as easy for me as inhalation. Being a dominatrix, bondage, superiority and sadomasochism are my own world. I have but a person mantra and one mantra only. When your balls happen to be squeezed tightly in my hand, your heart and brain will soon follow. Understand that and you should understand me. Your mortification and submission are warring blood and for that you will be permanently grateful.

Plus the cuckolds who serve this kind of dominatrix? How I love my little cuck boys, you beautiful, inadequate freaks! You cuckold sissies. It’ ersus so sad how you need to watch your wife being shagged by another man, a male with a real cock. Not really that pathetic maggot that lays limp and pointless unable to rear its go get the the occasion. Your unhappy and sickly little itty bitty clitty, that’ ersus no good to any dominatrix. I actually don’ t know as to why you just don’ t set back on the bed and rub it like a girl! But then you probably do, without even my permission. As your dominatrix I will exhilarate you as I instruct my fuck slaves to pleasure that woman who should be dearest to you. See her spread-eagled through the bed, her back arching from the ecstasy of feeling a real rock hard rod infiltrating her pulsating cunt. Making you hear her panting and moaning, as she wraps her legs tightly around her new found fuck doll. You can crawl on your joints towards them. Look closely as that man-shaft gets into her sticky gaping orifice dripping from the sheer excitement of experiencing what a true man really feels like. Listen to his rock hard balls bang up against her! Look just how his arse cheeks contract every time he thrusts his bare back penis hard into her very heart and soul. Look how her eyes gently roll back whenever he takes her for the edge. Listen to them writhing in pleasure. Watch them carefully. If you are a very good youngster, your dominatrix may permit you to lay with your head below them when he fucks her doggy style. Her arse cocked high in the air to help you experience every wet push and catch the stream of pussy juice in your mouth from underneath her. When he finally expends every previous drop of that hot moist creamy cum deep inside her loins, you may ask his permission to clean his dick with your mouth and you will be thankful. Then you will suck that stream of sweet sampling squirt from her pussy. Don’ t forget that domination is my game, so do not miss an individual drop! Lick it inside and out and consume every last mouthful. Then you definitely will thank him intended for fulfilling your deepest darkest fantasy and you will bow down to your dominatrix like the weak and pathetic cuckold that you just are. That’ s the style I will paint with my own words when I whisper within your ear in our dominatrix sex chat. Elaborate and specified. I will make it happen for you.


Sometimes I wonder what it is about your dominatrix in leather, latex, and PVC that turns you on so much. When I sit down in that huge throne within my dungeon in my tight latex catsuit and you are on your legs in front of me, wretched and pitiful, do you think that I haven’ t seen that sparkle in your eye? Do you think I haven’ t noticed that prolonged intake of breath as I low fat towards you as you take in my scent? Do you not think that I can see your useless face as you caress those extended leather boots of quarry when you rest your face on my calf? There isn’ to anything I don’ t see as a dominatrix. We are watching you constantly. I make you stand prior to me so I can inspect that lowly body of yours and I circle you observing every move that you generate. Do you honestly believe that this dominatrix would miss a single thing? I know how you would love to nestle into my slightly open cleavage. I know you would give your life if I were to unnecessary that zip and uncover those voluptuous breasts with those erect dainty hard nips. How you would love to lay again while I straddle your face and feed my open cunt into your mouth, something We reserve for only the selected few. I know you love the smell of that beautiful smooth hide mixed with the importance of my warm soaked pussy honey. I know you adore the click of the substantial spiky leather heels of your dominatrix as I make my own observations. I’ ve seen your legs go to jello right in front of me. I’ ve seen your prick stand abruptly to attention, even when I crack it with my cane. Exactly like I watch you retract those testicles when I help to make that first thwack throughout the back of your thighs. Think you’ ve got away with it do you? I do think not. You wouldn’ big t be the first servant to be dragged across my spanking bench with his wrists cuffed to the two big hooks on my wall and a spreading bar press between his ankles in order to administer a really good thrashing. My personal cat o nine tales is particularly efficient for that purpose. That stinging sound since it lashes across your flesh and the whimpering voice by way of thanking me appropriately every time I actually make contact with that bare arse. But then what is better to get a slimy worm like your self. You need to understand it is your dominatrix who makes the decisions below and will be in charge of you in the years ahead. You may think you bottom through the top and I am just the facilitator, but you are so incorrect. There is only one person in the room who is in control, the one who makes the final decisions on everything, and that my dear obedient, compliant, acquiescent, subservient, docile, meek, dutiful, tractable, is me, your strict dominatrix. When my fingers distort around that tight back of the shirt that I gave you the allowance of wearing for your superiority training, and my temple is riveted up against your own, be sure to listen very carefully ?nternet site whisper my instruction. Whenever your eyes meet mine, then you certainly will know your leather dressed dominatrix means serious business. When I clamp those serrated metal alligator clips in those rather sorry nipples of yours you’ ll understand just how serious I really is. I like to pinch, change and twist. I will allow you to feel the agony and the ecstasy. But of course, we should not forget the best. Something with a bit of intensity! When I bend you as well as insert that rather cool metal speculum deep in to that bottomless pit of an anal orifice, crank that open slowly and then press my violet wand straight down it. Did anyone at any time tell you that you shudder like a pig that has just attended meet its maker? My spouse and i bet they didn’ t, did they? That’ s i9000 why I am hinting now. It may help you understand your place. Your low ranking, as mentioned before! Your place is below that huge ego of mine. My domination has the very last word! Just how it must be from your dominatrix!

So , when it comes to a dominatrix is it satin and ribbons that take your fancy or shiny black PVC? It provides one such a feeling of grandeur for being trussed into that restricted black basque and those ” leg ” high PVC boots, along with those long leather gloves that reach up to my armpits. And don’ t neglect my beautiful shiny dark dominatrix kitty mask. Sometimes I think I look practically sweet! Of course , as you well know, you should never judge a book by its cover. Although sometimes I feel my hard work is such a waste, the moment all you really want to do can be lick cream from between those perfect little toes and fingers of mine. But then that’ s just one of the many delights of being a dominatrix. To become paid a copious amount of money as a femdom by someone who just wants to mind bone your feet. Don’ testosterone levels you just love it when I slowly and gradually unzip that long boot ahead? And then if the mood will take me I may let you unravel one of my sheer dark-colored stockings and use my own toes for your pleasure. Webpage for myself order you to lick my own foot from end to end and to suck slowly on every dainty little digit. Most of you prefer it with the tights left on don’ t you? You say you love the taste of old perspiration. This dominatrix will satisfy your every desire, your every need. Domination in the highest realm! We know what it means to understand you. Like my personal Sisters in sin, I am able to look deep into that soul of yours, I realize what makes you tick, I am aware how to reach the very depths of your mind. I understand exactly how you think. I mouth. You like to suck it throughout the seam where the toes head out. But then there is no accounting for taste. Like when you begu me to let you suck the juices from the crotch my personal thong or to be gagged with it when I content you to the bed. How blessed you are to have a mistress at your beck and give us a call at on live dominatrix sexcams. Any time of the night or day we wait gracing you with our presence. I really do hope you appreciate college thinks dominatrix can actually do for you. Some are never lost for thoughts. I understand about the desire. The sub frenzy! I understand how you just have to act out the ones fantasies with a dominatrix and the uncontrolled state that gets your adrenaline pumping and your cardiovascular system racing. Just one tiny idea will trigger you away with some very benign small thing like the glimpse of an woman in high stiletto heels sitting on a coach, or coming face to face with a woman in an exquisite tight business suit and black seamed stockings at work. A small trivial little thing which goes unnoticed by the rest of the universe, but in five seconds smooth it can reduce you to a red faced, quivering, salivating wreck. Emasculation in one fell into swoop! Nothing pleases me as a dominatrix more than to have you naked and kneeling at my feet, preferably together with your wrists bound and a ball gag in your mouth and a blindfold across the eyes to cut off yet another one of your senses. The only way you can get me is by my aromatischer geschmackstoff or the hot breath via my mouth. You have to experience the fear of surprise since you never know what Let me do next. You can feel me as I enter your system space. Your olfactory gets a gut feeling will tell you how close I actually is. You can hear me when I whisper those sugary dark nothings in your ear. You can feel my touch but you cannot see me personally or know what delights could possibly be awaiting you. Trust is certainly your only hope which has a dominatrix. Am I going to twist those nipple clamps or take that cock of yours with both hands and wring its neck just like a chicken in a butchers shop at Christmas? Am I likely to squeeze those balls till a tear rolls straight down your cheek? You see dread is what I rely on and I have filled many men with the fear from terrible, because once I’ ve got you chained and shackled, the world soon becomes my oyster. Oh just how weak you really are. All of the times I have grappled one to the ground, as easy as throwing away a paper bag. I just take a seat on your chest with my knuckle pressed tightly into the solar plexus and you drop the use of your arms and legs just like a helpless puppy. I watch you as you try to capture your breath. I love that look of sheer tension on your face. Then all of the I have to do being a dominatrix is a quick swivel rounded and place a scissor carry your throat between the ones mean lean muscular legs of mine. My pussy rammed up against your face. Only when you knew just how pathetic you really look. It is so basic I could pick up a book and get in some much needed ‘ me’ time while I hold you in place until it matches me to set you free. In fact a lot of the time this doesn’ t suit me, but then what are you doing to stop me? You can’ t can you? That’ s i9000 when I know I’ ve got you. Do I let you come up for air? Very well I might if you’ re a very good boy, and frankly, as being a good boy would be a incredibly wise decision with this dominatrix. I do not take kindly to prospects who annoy me or try to struggle. They constantly live to regret it. Avoid the dominatrix and you are fighting off me. That is an unforgivable Sin!


There are some issues in this world that some people claim only dreams are made of. I would personally say you are my personal dream and I, your dominatrix, am your worst nightmare, a recurring nightmare that chases you even throughout your waking hours with my domination, my power, and worst of all, my sadomasochistic determination. When you are gagged and cuffed by this dominatrix upon that great iron bedding in my dungeon with your thighs spread wide apart along with your ankles chained to a bar. What actually goes through that empty little submissive brain of yours? You wait in anticipation for your dominatrix to punish you don’ to you? That’ s what gives you the rush doesn’ testosterone levels it!? You hear that match scrape across the box and that distant whoosh as the flame begins to flare. I can feel you brace yourself. Then there is the smell of that smouldering wax from those two red candles that I overlooked deliberately for you to see when you walked in and crouched in shame before me. I could see you looking out of the nook of your eye. I told you, I miss nothing. I actually tell you to relax but you restrict with baited breath. We run my hand over that flaccid useless little budgie’ s tongue of a tool. Personally I prefer looking at a great erect cock myself rather than second hand pile of giblets that looks like it has been gutted from a festive parrot. I wait. I expect a reaction. You feel my hands dance with those wax lights over your body dripping individuals sizzling tiny droplets suitable to the eye of that male organ. It always stands to attention then. I can’ t think why! I wait for that sharp the consumption of oxygen to whistle through that ball gag. This stifles your cries in the event nothing else. Then gradually I actually lower my stance using the hot candles closer and closer. I hear the panting. I watch the perspiration form tiny tiny droplets on your forehead. Watching the cock in raptures jointly fall of red grilling hot serum is such fun. I just love to make fabulous patterns and see your skin sensible from the heat. It is so artsy! And then I talk you down slowly when your lower torso looks like a rather distastefully decorated Birthday cake. This kind of dominatrix is always so proud of her work! But then naturally the real fun begins. We couldn’ t possibly send home to your wife like that could I? My dressage mix comes in so handy at times like these. You can hear it as I tap it on the hand of my hand, slightly impatiently, just to give you an inkling of what might be waiting for you. It has such an excellent way of just cutting throughout the air making that splendid resounding sharp sound. Great hard crack right over the head of the penis and hey ho, all spending ready to go home and be the dutiful wax free spouse again. Perfect! In fact with out waxing lyrical about it, a perfect end to a perfect working day. Domination from a dominatrix at its finest!